Barry LaBov on CNBC.

Barry LaBov is a man with many talents and a depth of experiences in his business as well as his personal life

Barry LaBov is the president and CEO of the marketing communications and training company LaBov & Beyond. Since its creation more than 30 years ago, Barry LaBov has provided the company with the tools and leadership its needed to achieve great success.

For anyone who knows Barry, whether it is through his work or in his personal life, the fact that he has been able to lead his company to achieve such success is not very surprising because Barry is a man who possesses a number of talents and experience which are critical for professionals to have to succeed in the business world. For example, one of his most prominent traits is that he is passionate about his business. Having a strong passion for the marketing industry, for making his clients happy, and for providing a positive environment for his staff all help motivate Barry and his employees to be the best professionals they can be.

Another important trait Barry LaBov possesses is the bravery to stand by his decisions. Having a president and CEO at LaBov & Beyond that is brave enough to make difficult decisions and then back them up is important in a leader. If a CEO were constantly changing his or her mind, the office would be a chaotic mess since it would be difficult for the staff to all be on the same page.

It is important to note that Barry takes great joy in his business and in his relationships. Barry, along with his staff, experience this joy when they succeed in helping clients achieve their marketing goals. Barry's traits, which are also a part of the LaBov & Beyond philosophy called "PB&J," continue to help guide the company to great success.

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