Barry LaBov on CNBC.

Barry LaBov Knows Providing Employees with Genuine Advancement Opportunities Creates a Happier and More Productive Workplace

Barry LaBov, CEO of LaBov & Beyond Marketing, Communications and Training Company, knows that when people break into a career, whether it is something that they have been passionate about for years or something completely new that they are doing for the first time, nobody wants to come in at the bottom, and stay there. Providing legitimate advancement opportunities for employees is an essential part to running a successful business in today's world. With the tough economic times we are going through now, job security is more important than ever to millions of families. Just knowing that they will be able to rise throughout the ranks of a company if they give it their best, consistently work hard, and go the extra mile will go a long way toward attracting and keeping employees satisfied and producing the desired results.

Barry LaBov understands this principle very well, and consistently implements it across all sectors of LaBov & Beyond. No matter how tough the economic times are around the country, Barry LaBov does not stop recognizing and rewarding the hard work, success and the drive to continuously do better from his employees. As the employees continue to rise through the ranks of the company, Barry LaBov takes it a step further by offering his employees the chance to not only continuously advance through the company, but he also offers them the chance to one day become owners.

The benefits of genuinely offering your employees the opportunity to grow are virtually limitless. If employees come into a company knowing that they will never advance and will essentially be "stuck in neutral," chances are that they will not only put forth lackluster efforts, but many people who feel stuck have a general sense of apathy or even hostility towards their employers, which obviously has its own long string of problems attached to it.

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